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about bicycle trailer-24, who we are, what drives us and why DU are important to us!

span style=”color: #ff6600; text-decoration: underline;”>bike trailer-24.en is not just a shop from us for you: it is DAS at home for bicycle trailers from all over the world!

It has been important to me since the beginning that families can be on the road safely and in many different ways. When my first daughter was on the road, I wanted to keep riding my bike, take her outdoors a lot and show her something of the world. But how should I do that? What are the practical possibilities, what do I have to look out for and where can I look at the things? There was simply no answer to all these questions. I am not a person of big words, but of action. I bought my first children’s bicycle trailers and started taking my tours when our little one was only 3 months old. To this day it is the only place where she is calm, sleeps well and loves to spend time with her daddy, because he shows her places and places that seem unreachable for many. Today she tells stories to her little brother when he goes with her and explains everything there is to see …
Herbert by FA24

>The bike trailer, E-bikes and the accessories are constantly being used by our family team so that we are the ideal contact for you.br>The Teutoburg Forest offers us numerous opportunities to test our products under the most extreme conditions – in all weathers.br>/p>

Today we simply know what is important for you as an urban, professional, recreational or professional cyclist.br>/p>

The knowledge of susceptibility, complaint rates and much more always flows into our consultations. No matter what the manufacturers say or write. We also see the foundation-Warentest, Öko-Test and others testing according to incomprehensible criteria. The different test results irritate you more than they help you.

>u>Do you have any questions?

Then just call us within our opening hours.

>strong>Tel.0521 / 21 09 1

(fixed network, costs according to the respective provider)

Mobile you can even call outside business hours to leave a message or simply by >strong>Whatsapp, >strong>Viber or >span style=”color: #ff6600; text-decoration: underline;”>>strong>Telegramm send a message.

Mobile: 0159 / 04 40 31 99

(D2 network, costs according to the respective provider)

You are a retailer and interested in our product range or certain brands? Internationally we work as distribution and speak the following languages fluently: German, English and Russian.
Write a message to support@fahrradanhaenger-24.de or call us.

Our location:
Elpke 104C, 33605 Bielefeld, NRW, Germany

Ausstellung Innen>

Here you can find us in Bielefeld:

We are very easy to reach and only a few minutes away from the A2. From Hannover to the Ruhr area, from the MĂŒnsterland to far beyond the Weserbergland we are your experts!

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