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The right connection for your bike

It’s not easy to find your favorite in the jungle of the bicycle trailer. As a rule, the enclosed axles or couplings from the manufacturers are compatible with almost all bicycles.

The rear axle is important..... at least also...


FAST Tensioners

Unfortunately the rear wheel axles have the same dimensions. Absolutely independent of the manufacturer.

For quick release are usually 9mm (9 x 135mm) the standard. So you have no problem with the included material your new bicycle trailer to mount it securely on your bike.
Do you, contrary to expectations, want to mount a too short quick release axle, there are axles and accessories available from various manufacturers to get your problem under control.


for the plug-in axles there are traditionally 2 dimensions: 12 x 142mm and 12 x 148mm. These are usually built into mountain bikes, as well as ATB – & trekking bikes. Since these bikes unfortunately do not allow any space for the attachment of the clutch, you need the appropriate axle adapter or another plug-in axle. Please note the diameter and length of the axle – 12 x 142mm or 12 x 148mm , the groove spacing (the, so called, thread pitch) – 1mm, 1.5mmor 1.75mm – and form of the axis straight or conical.

With this information you will find the right accessories. Unfortunately, finding out the thread pitch is not so easy.
The manufacturer Croozer has a nice template designed for printing, to read the length of the thru-axle and the thread pitch.



FULL AXLES, or also the hub gears, are often installed in E-bikes.adapter you can make your hub gears fit for the bicycle trailer.

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So you should be able to find the right one with our search tool im Shop find your desired part.

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If you expect against all expectations, you can’t find a solution, ask your bike dealer, at our Q&A or create a Ticket.
We will try to find a solution together as soon as possible.


We have also made a few videos on the subject of thru axles:

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